news 26 03 2014

special mention

Museo di storia naturale di Siena

Museum of Natural History in Siena

Progettista | Designer: Architetto Roberto Castellani

Localizzazione | Location: Siena, Italy

Realizzazione | Completion: 2008

domus international award

for restoration and preservation

news 20 12 2013

alessi in love

every time an act of love

After a very interesting upload phase, ALESSI has selected 8 works*:

KANGAROO MOM SUGAR BOWL by Andrés27 (Mexico);

Polare by MeanDesignStudio (USA);

CARE by amenstudio (Italy);

annivershka by akindo0321 (Japan);

Haus by ss67lab (Italy);

Plumier by aragon023 (Colombia);

Smile Bottle opener by davidsantacruz (Colombia);

Alessi Maneki Neko by HappyRaquel (Italy).